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Men's Soccer - Thu, Jun. 7, 2012
Bayamon, Puerto Rico - Former Jacket all-american defender and member of the 2006 national championship team Edson Edward is living out his soccer dream these days in Puerto Rico.

Edson, or Eddie as most know him, begin his professional playing career immediately following his Graceland playing days and eventually landed with FC Dallas of the MLS. After injuring his knee, Eddie was forced to take some time off to mend. Healthy again, Eddie has now signed with the Puerto Rico Islanders of the NASL.

Edward credits much of his success to the experience he had during his days as a member of the Yellowjacket soccer program.

"At Graceland I was fortunate enough to have a great coaching staff that cared much about their players, both on and off the pitch," remarked Edward.

"No matter how big or small the game was, they took their preparation very seriously having each player on the roster prepared and ready to succeed if called upon."

Edward spent two seasons at GU under Head Coach Ivan Joseph and two more under Coach Angel Monroy. The physical and mental preparation demanded within the program has been a driving force behind his continued success.

"In order for us to perform at our best, our coaches gave us nutritional advice and implemented the values both on and off the field to make certain we were discipline and not out putting toxins into our system."

When asked about being part of the continuing pipeline of men's soccer players from the Graceland program who have seamlessly assimilated into the professional soccer ranks, Edward said, "Work ethic and attitude go a long way, make sure those two are in check before you have any aspirations of playing at the next level.

"I believe that you need to be realistic with yourself in setting goals for your future. Once you have set your goals, you should set sub categories in order for you to attain those goals," finished Edward.

Current Head Coach Guillermo Sanchez is a close friend of Edward and had the opportunity to work with him when Sanchez was an assistant coach on the GU staff. Seeing Edward's perseverance following the knee injury and his comeback that followed has been an inspiration for Sanchez and his current team.

"Eddie is a tremendous athlete and after his injury he needed playing time to get back on track," said Sanchez. "we wish him all the best on this new opportunity that he has earned," finished Sanchez.